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6 Tips to Make the Patio a Comfy Place for Your Cat

Domestic cats are creatures of comfort, and they appreciate the kind gestures of humans. For instance, provide good food and snug places to rest to instantly win your furball’s heart. It is worth noting that cats love to relax on soft things like grass, moss, fluffy blankets, and towels. If your cat doesn’t find a perfect spot to lounge inside or outside the house, it most likely will look for cozy areas elsewhere.

Don’t give your fur baby a reason to explore the outdoors alone. Roaming outside is not really safe for a fur baby used to indoor living. The risks your munchkin has to deal with are plenty. You can’t rule out accidents, injuries, and other health emergencies when your fur baby wanders outside without human supervision.

If your fur baby frequents outside, you should consider purchasing the best pet insurance to have them medically covered. Exploring cat insurance policies is easy with most pet insurers’ online services. You can check various pet policies, find the pet insurance cost, and request and compare quotes to get down to that one policy that best suits your furball’s health needs.

While contemplating buying a pet policy, read this article to learn a few ways to make your patio a comfy place for your cat.

  1. Provide your fur baby with soft materials to rest on if the patio floor is made of stone or wood. For example, you can place a piece of cotton clothing, towel, pillows, single/multiple layers of blankets on the floor or a chair, or a cardboard box with a folded blanket to keep them snug on a windy or cold day.
  2. If you want to add style to your outdoor area, consider placing a colorful rug. One word of caution, though, avoid purchasing artificial grass, plastic mats, and other chewable materials to protect your kitty from episodes of toxic object ingestion. You can explore rugs made of natural fibres like cotton, jute, etc.
  3. One another favorite activity of cats is observing things around them. Provide your furball with small circular windows or glass portions in a wooden fence so they can view ongoings in the street, at a neighbor’s place, a nearby garden, etc.
  4. Consider installing a multi-storey catio as cats love to perch on high spots and survey the area for intrusions. It could be a new human, rodent, birds, bees, or other critters trying to creep into their space.
  5. Set up an exclusive cat garden with a grass bed. Some of the best plant choices for a cat garden are – cat grass, catnip, lemongrass, and spider plant. Check YouTube videos to learn how to DIY.
  6. Install an attractive cat seat with a table on the patio fit for your furry royalty. Your cat can now soak in the sun or eat and drink into the sunset.

Transform your patio into a cat haven with these tips. However, don’t ignore the risks of letting a cat out of the home, even if it is a fenced area adjoining the house. Your fur baby might pick up fleas, ticks, or other parasites implanted on the greens, trip, fall, injure itself, and more.

So, keep an eye on your cat when they are playing outside and also consider buying the best pet insurance, so your munchkin is comprehensively covered. Pet insurance cost can be much less than the vet bills you might have to pay during unanticipated pet health scenarios and emergencies. So, why not stay prepared financially through a pet medical backup?

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