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Do Real Estate Agents Need to Be Certified?

Besides the state licensing test, real estate licenses also require students to take pre-license courses. Many real estate schools offer courses that meet the requirements for licensing. Pre-license classes vary in length, but the minimum requirement is usually 40 hours. You can find pre-license courses online or at local colleges. Some real estate brokerages also offer prelicense classes. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Cold Banker, for example, offer classes for prospective agents throughout the United States. These companies also offer discounts to new agents who decide to work with them after they receive their license.

Real estate certifications also increase a person’s employment opportunities. Since real estate agents are paid on a commission basis, it’s essential to receive a thorough sales training. Online courses will also give students access to job listings and broker recruitment. They’ll be well-positioned to obtain a real estate license quickly. If you want to be a top-rated agent, you must take real estate courses.

The state of New York oversees real estate agents. They also have certain criteria that an agent must meet. Applicants must complete a high school education, at least 150 hours of pre-licensure education, and two 30-hour courses on agency/ethics and office management. The New York State Real Estate Department also requires that an agent be actively licensed for three years prior to applying. A completed school certificate and ID must be submitted with the application process.

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