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How is xFi Advanced Security Helpful for You

Well, Xfinity is a household name, and it has always been up to people’s expectations. The service provides ease, comfort, reliability as well as affordability in all its packages, and with the bundle deals, you can have an entire package of multiple essentials such as a home phone, home security system, TV, as well as internet.

xFi Gateway

With Xfinity’s several other devices and benefits, one thing that we have found to be majorly beneficial is the xFi Gateway device. The device synchronizes perfectly well with your other Xfinity services and devices. The Xfinity Home System, a smart security system that keeps your home secure goes perfectly well and is integrated with the xFi Gateway device along with other services.

Well, you can rent the xFi Gateway device with any of Xfinity WiFi Plans and use it for several different things to enhance your internet experience. The best part about the xFi Gateway is the Advanced Security dashboard that helps keep your entire network private and secure from any kinds of cyber threats. It is a mistake to skip on the most essential things such as internet security, and if you have a smart security system, it is at high risk if your network is not secure.

So, if you want to learn how the xFi Advanced Security is helpful for you, read along and find out.

How to Enable

It is very easy to enable the xFi Advanced Security. To use this feature all you need to have is the internet and the xFi Gateway device. When you have these two things, you can easily enable the Advanced Security Dashboard from the Xfinity app or the website. You can turn it on from under the connect tab by clicking on Advanced Security and then clicking on turn on.

Prevents From Accessing Risky Sites

Well, when you get the xFi Advanced Security dashboard, it secures each one of your devices that is connected to your xFi Gateway. It saves your devices from accessing risky sites and third-party apps that might expose you to cyber-attacks such as phishing, identity theft, as well as data theft.

Personalized Security Experience

Well, while a lot of ISPs must be offering you internet security and safe search options. However, what sets Xfinity apart from the rest of the internet service providers is that it provides you with a personalized security experience. When you enable the Advanced Security dashboard, it adapts to your entire network and understands the patterns of all your devices. So, when there is an unusual activity you are notified right away.

Besides, if any of your devices seems to be suspicious or there is a threat, the advanced security system isolates your device until the certain device is free of threat.

Keeps Your Network Private

Well, besides personalized security, advanced security keeps your entire network secure and private. This means that your WiFi is not visible to any other device besides your home’s network. Since your smart home devices can be hacked and accessed by anyone, you need to have your WiFi private because that is the easiest source for hackers to disable your system.

So, when you enable the Advanced security dashboard and all your devices are connected to the xFi gateway, your network stays private and is not visible to anyone, not even your guests. Anyone besides the residents cannot access the WiFi.

Separate Guest WiFi Hotspots

Well, just in case you are thinking about how you can allow your guests to access your WiFi and not put your network at risk, we have the solution for you. As we discussed, Xfinity is a service that sells convenience.

When you have guests over and they require internet, you get multiple WiFi Hotspots that allow your guests to connect without exposing your network. So, you can easily keep your network private by allowing the guests to connect to the guest hotspots. Isn’t that amazing?

Risk Alerts

As we said, the xFi Advanced Security system is super-efficient and it keeps noticing and monitoring your devices. The dashboard alerts you in case of any risks and keeps notifying you in case of any threat. It detects all kinds of threats such as hacking, phishing attacks, malware, spyware, as well as viruses.

In case there is any issue that needs to be taken seriously the first thing it does is that it isolates the device at risk from the entire network and takes action. The device is allowed in the network only when it is free of all kinds of risks.

Secure Network

One thing that people think about is how they can stay secure when they are on the go. One thing that secures your device when you use the internet outside is by connecting to Xfinity’s own outdoor and indoor public WiFi hotspots.

Xfinity provides nationwide 20 million WiFi hotspots which are secure for Xfinity users. The WiFi networks are visible to you if you have the app and are easy to connect to. So, if you connect to a secure Xfinity hotspot, it keeps you secure even on the go.

Final Thoughts

While Xfinity is a super valuable service if you bundle it with the other services – you can get great value for your money. Besides, being essential, Xfinity’s xFi Advanced Security is not to be missed because of the major security and privacy that it provides to your network.

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