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Nose Implant and Nose Augmentation

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery for both women and men because the nose is the center of the face. If you have a prominent nose The face will look dimensional. Make other face elements stand out and look better. But Asian people tend to have problems with flat nose bridges, wide nose wings, and nose augmentation to have a beautiful, natural shape, so it is very popular. Both the nose augmentation to be more prominent. and cutting the nose wings to make the nose wings look narrower Result of nose surgery Some of you may make breathing easier. Reduce snoring as well.

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– If you have a face that looks square, you should have a nose that looks sweet, the tip of your nose looks rounded, and the bridge of your nose is curved so your face is not too stiff.

– If you have a rather round face, a lot of meat, you should have a nose that looks prominent and quite straight. The pointed tip makes the face look narrower and more dimensional masstamilan.

– Male noses tend to have thick and wide nose tips, which should make the nose tip look prominent. The bridge of the nose is quite straight. If there is a small middle ridge (Hump), it will make the face look slim and look strong and powerful.

– A woman’s nose begins to age. The bridge of the nose should not be too high, especially between the eyes, as the subcutaneous fat and bone are thinner.

Rhinoplasty to suit the face

Rhinoplasty It is a rhinoplasty where implants are placed on the bridge of the nose to make the bridge of the nose higher than before. And there is a beautiful contour cut that blends in with the rest of the face. But nowadays, there are many methods of nose surgery to look more prominent, such as filler injections. Threading might help a little. But rhinoplasty will give a clearer, more permanent result. and can arrange the shape of the nose to be suitable as well

Who is suitable for rhinoplasty / rhinoplasty

– Flat nose without saddle nose, short nose or short nose tip

– Have good physical and mental health

– Have realistic and unrealistic expectations

– Non-smoker

– There is a bone button on the bridge of the nose (hump) that can enhance the nose.

– No underlying disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or AIDS

– No history of allergic reactions to anesthetics or anesthetic before

– I want to have a nose job to increase my self-confidence.

Asian noses have a flat nose bridge. The wings of the nose are flat and wide. The surgeon will design to correct the shape. to increase the height of the nose bridge The height and length of the tip of the nose Taking into account the width of the angle between the line of the upper lip line and the line of the tip of the nose to the base of the nose (Nasolabial angle) to get the right angle. to get a natural nose expotab

In general, the tip of the nose for women is about 95-110 degrees, and for men it is 90-105 degrees. The nasofrontal angle for women is about 120-140 degrees, and for men, it is about 140-150 degrees. with the condition of the skin and the structure of the nose in each individual

Nose Augmentation Materials

1. Soft silicone (Silicone implant) Soft silicone rhinoplasty is the most popular method.

The advantages of soft silicone rhinoplasty

– It is a material that can be sharpened easily to adjust the shape. and has a low reaction to the body

– The silicone core can stay in the body for a long time. In some cases this may last a lifetime without the need for a new core to be replaced.

– Silicone rods used in surgery (Implant Grade) must be relatively high purity. Materials vary depending on the source of manufacture. and production technology including certification from government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, etc.

– Silicone used for rhinoplasty, nose surgery, both ready-made models that have already been molded and the way the doctor hone himself


It is an alternative material which is characterized by a soft core. Can be sharpened to adjust to enhance the ridge and tip of the nose. It is less reactive to the body than silicone cores because it is made of the same material as the artificial veins used in the body.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty with ePTFE

– Nasal tissue can germinate. and inserted to coordinate with the porous material core

– The outer skin does not look shiny.

– Has a lower reaction to the body than the silicone core because it is made of the same material as the artificial veins used in the body.

3. Acellular dermal matrix (ADM)

It is the inner layer of skin tissue. (Dermis) derived from donated skin that is extracted from cells and the epidermis with advanced technology.

Advantages of rhinoplasty with Acellular dermal matrix (ADM)

of rhinoplasty with dermis tissue resulting in tissues that have a very low reaction to the body It can be used to augment the nose bridge for a natural look or combine with different types of axes.

4. Customized Implant

It is a technology that uses computed tomography (CT-SCAN), three-dimensional computers (3D-CT SCAN), and 3D printers. (3D-Printing) is used together to create a personalized silicone core (Rapid prototype implant).

The advantage is that it has a silicone core created with advanced technology for a specific person.

5. Rib Cartilage

It is the tissue that comes from the patient himself. by surgery to remove the ribs from the area under the breast rail Through the wound about 3 cm. can be used to decorate the shape and then augment the nose. Enter through an open incision (Opened Technique). The doctor may use other materials in the composition, such as fascia tissue (Fascia), ePTFE, silicone implant, depending on the complexity of each individual.

Advantages of rhinoplasty with cartilage

As the tissue itself can be reinforced, it can be more prominent than the external material.

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