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Portrait Photography – What Are the Characteristics of Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography is a style of photo taking wherein the subject is the focus of attention. This type of photography is characterized by the use of wide angle lenses and requires a close relationship with the subject. Portraits may include various props, lighting, and other special considerations. Listed below are some of the characteristics of portrait photography. This article aims to provide an overview of these techniques. You can use them to capture some of the best portraits of your loved ones.

The technical aspects of portrait photography are very important to the success of the photo. These include shutter speed, aperture, iso, strobe settings, lens choice, and post processing. While it is the photographer’s artistic discretion to decide on the settings, it is important to consider that the technical aspects of portrait photography always yield better photos. Using manual settings and shooting in RAW format are two of the best ways to achieve a higher quality photo.

Lighting plays a huge role in portrait photographs. Lighting can create drama and emphasize features, while hiding problem areas. Using the right light sources can help your subject look their best, whether they’re outdoors or indoors. The key light should be placed between 30 and 60 degrees from the camera. The distance from the camera will determine how much light falls off the subject. This will also affect the depth of shadows. For example, a flash light placed below the chin would be a very unflattering choice.

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