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Prominent Car Accident Statistics of 2023 -Causes, Numbers, And More!

Car accidents in the USA have been a common occurrence. With the higher numbers recorded, let us shed light on some of the important statistics of car accidents in 2023. Additionally, if you get into a car accident or someone you love gets one, it is crucial to seek help from a Boston personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can guide you about the appropriate legal steps to take. 

10 Important Car Accident Statistics USA

  1. 2021 recorded approximately 6,102,936 accidents (police-reported) annually. 
  2. Fatal car crashes were recorded up to 39,508 in 2021.
  3. Texas had the highest number of fatal car accidents in 2022.
  4. 2022 data reveals a slight 0.3% difference in fatal car crashes, dropping from 42,939 in 2021 to 42,795 in 2022. 
  5. Out of all the accidents that happened in 2020, around 3,621,681 led to property damage 
  6. Intoxicated driving accidents are surprising, tallying up to 35% of fatal accidents. 
  7. Per 1,000 people, the death record due to motor vehicle crashes is 14.3. 
  8. Highest speed-related accidents occurred in South Carolina. 
  9. Evening to midnight records the highest numbers of accidents -up to 35% of fatal accidents.
  10. Hawaii and Montana record the highest number of single-vehicle crashes with 70%. 
  11. On the other hand, Nebraska records the highest number of multiple-vehicle crashes, up to 57%. 
  12. Speeding is one of the common reasons behind car accidents in the United States. Data from USAtoday reveals 33 people bid goodbye to the world due to speed-related accidents. 
  13. Young drivers are at higher risk of getting into accidents due to lack of proper driving experience. 
  14. Reports claim 10% of high-school teenagers revealed they have taken part in drinking and driving. 
  15. The ratio of male fatal accidents is higher than women, with the number of male fatal crashes going up to 28,033. (2020 report)

(sources of statistics: Forbes, USAToday, iih)

What can you do if you get into a car accident that resulted from someone else’s fault?

As the numbers above show, a shocking revelation with the car crashes, it is important to educate yourself on what to do if you get into this unfortunate situation. 

Make sure first to seek medical help. Following that, report your accident to the police and collect a copy of your report. The next step is to collect all the evidence, including information you collected, witnesses, evidence of injuries, pictures, information of other drivers, etc. Lastly, speak to an experienced lawyer who can help you in getting successful compensation for your injuries and damages from the accident. 

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