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The Benefits of Taking Environmental Science Courses at NIU

Graduates of Environmental Science programs have many opportunities. In addition to consulting and educating, graduates may become environmental researchers, law enforcement agents, water quality scientists, and even engineers. Environmental science degrees also give students a broad understanding of current environmental issues. Environmental science courses may include biology, geography, earth science, soil science, and resource management. Those with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science can work in fields like government, business, or non-profit organizations.

Many students in the Environmental Sciences program travel the world to conduct research. Students at NIU have completed research projects in places such as Madagascar, Myanmar, Indonesia, New Zealand, and other far-off locations. Others have done field work in Midwest sites. By pursuing a degree in environmental science, students can see the world firsthand and learn how to minimize damage to it. They may even become environmental engineers. This is a lucrative career choice with lots of potential.

Students studying environmental science learn about the interactions between organisms. In particular, they learn how different organisms and humans depend on each other for survival. For example, we breathe out carbon dioxide, but plants need it to perform photosynthesis and produce oxygen, which Newshunttimes we need for respiration. Environmental science helps students understand how to live sustainably and help the environment and others thrive. You will learn about different forms of pollution that affect our environment.

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