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What should we do if our website’s Domain Authority is low?

Where can we check the Domain Authority?

If you measure your Domain Authority and come out lower than your competitors and the site hasn’t been released to the public. This means that there is something that needs to be checked and corrected initially, for example:

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– Check if the website has followed SEO techniques to allow algorithms to be able to read easily or not. This is a technique that makes it easier for search engines to check the content you offer, resulting in faster rankings.

– Check the quality of the content presented whether it is useful to users or not. May check the time when the user comes to read or come to use how fast or slow Are there clicks to other pages that make the User stay on the website longer or not?

– Check if there are links such as internal links, external links or backlinks, which may create a channel that links together. Or contact other websites to make links such as making a Guest Post, etc.

Tips for increasing your Domain Authority score

Of course, there are secrets to increasing your Domain Authority rating as well. Like the above topics are part or basic methods of how to increase the score. But for those who want to increase in line with competitors, they may have to do more, such as restructuring the web based on SEO principles, adjusting the presentation of valuable and reliable content regularly in order to gain trust and become a referral for other websites. Choose to make backlinks for you.

Not only this We can also check to see who is linking to us. Anyone who links to our competitors, then tries to find a way for them to make backlinks with us, which we can consistently produce quality content that becomes a reference or a website that many people trust indefinitely. another It will help increase the Domain Authority score accordingly.

Because Domain Authority is what Moz invented. So, you can check your website’s Domain Authority score by installing the MozBar tool, which is a Google Chrome extension and one of the SEO tools for website auditing. You can view your Domain Authority or DA score.

Or if you want to choose other alternatives, you can use tools from Ahrefs or Semrush as well, which Ahref calls Domain Authority as Domain Rating or DR, which measures the score of the website name is no different.


Domain Authority counts as one of many parts that will only help in improving SEO rankings. Because most of it is a matter of creating popularity for the web to be mentioned, linked, whether it is an Inbound link or an Outbound link, it is said that the more we are mentioned, the better.

However, a bad Domain Authority score doesn’t necessarily mean bad SEO rankings as it also depends on other factors such as: The popularity of keywords that aren’t very competitive, and a bad Domain Authority score may also rank on the first page.

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