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Why you should clean your gutters

Your list of priorities for house maintenance and renovation may not include cleaning the gutters, but regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your property safe. Rainwater is collected and directed by gutters off the roof, down the drain, and away from the structure to minimise the risk of structural damage. Although they are out of sight, clogged or broken gutters can lead to expensive repairs, therefore they should never be forgotten, as we discuss why you should clean your gutters.

What is gutter cleaning and why do they get blocked?

This can be a combination of numerous things including falling leaves, twigs and moss that have clogged up your gutters over time. The roof is blown by leaves that fall off. When leaves are moist, they can cling to gutter walls and floors, obstructing the flow of rainfall into corners and downpipes. Over time, leaves will decompose into a fertile compost, creating the ideal habitat for seeds, moss, and weeds that have been carried by the wind or dropped by birds onto the roof. If they are allowed to grow unchecked, these invasive weeds can take over your gutters and downpipes, obstructing the normal flow of water, clogging the downpipe, and possibly overflowing, which is why you should clean your gutters. Gutter health is essential for the winter to ensure water is flowing freely and to prevent damage from snow and ice build-up. As a result, professional gutter cleaners view gutter cleaning as a crucial need. When it comes to delivering necessary gutter cleaning services, our expert gutter cleaning devices are the best option.

Why does moss grow on your roof?

Moss (and lichen), which are members of the water-loving algae family, flourish in damp, shaded settings. Therefore, homes facing north or those with overhanging trees tend to get less sunlight, which delays the roof’s complete drying out. In wet places, moss gradually begins to grow.

Have you ever wondered why roof tile edges frequently develop moss? Water cohesion, or the sticky property that allows water droplets to develop on your windows, causes rainfall to cling to overlapping roof tile edges as it travels over the roof tiles. If not dried out, this retained water creates a wet environment that is ideal for the growth of moss. Where tiles are broken, fractured, or chipped, water can seep through the surface, fostering the perfect environment for moss growth and this is why you should clean your gutters every so often.

Does moss damage your roof?

Because moss absorbs water like a sponge, your roof won’t be able to dry out. If moisture is allowed to build up, it can penetrate the roof and tiles, harming your home. This is especially true in the winter when moisture that has been trapped against tiles or stone can turn to ice. Water expands when it freezes, which may cause tiles to lift, chip, or fracture, making them more susceptible to the weather.

Moss serves as a shelter for insects and attracts birds, who eat on it and knock it loose, sending it crashing into the gutters and perhaps clogging them.

Can your gutters being blocked cause damage to your home?

Yes, if they are not addressed right away, they may result in expensive property damage. Water damage from rain can result in problems including rotting fascia boards, wet walls, ceilings, insulation, and even foundation damage. If not stopped, water can seep through to the inside walls, resulting in dampness and the growth of mould spores. It is crucial to maintain and frequently inspect your gutters, whether they are made of cast iron, pressed steel, or plastic, to make sure the water is flowing freely and is free of obstructions which is why you should clean your gutters.

How to know if your gutters are clogged?

Next time it rains, grab an umbrella and give your gutters a quick visual inspection. Are they leaky, sinking, overflowing, or is water pouring down the building’s side? Any of these signs may point to a gutter blockage problem. It may be wise to think about performing a visual health check before raking leaves from your garden or driveway in the fall.

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